We all know that print is on the decline, the question is why?

The answer is simple… something better came along. Why did we switch from radio to TV? Why did we switch from VHS to DVD? Something better came along. 

The invention of smartphones and tablets has changed the way consumers interact with all aspects of advertising. Industry after industry, the world of print is being replaced with digital solutions.


Your customers are asking for a digital solution to your store’s circular

Consumers haven’t lost their taste for deals. In fact, the search for deals is on the rise. Millennials are 2x more likely than Gen Xers to search for a deal before visiting a brick & mortar store - at the same time, they’re 15x less likely to pick up a paper circular or coupon book. It’s not just young customers who are begging for a change; Baby Boomers are 9x more likely to find a deal online vs print. We all carry around phones that constantly connect us to the world, and every generation has adapted to that change.

Your consumers want you to entice them to shop your store, but they need it to be delivered to them digitally.


Why hasn’t the world of circulars adapted to the digital revolution? 95% of all printed circulars head straight to the trash. Until now, no one has cracked the code for digital circular distribution. Designing and programming your store’s circular into a mobile digital format isn’t easy, but it’s not the hard part. Distributing your digital circular to thousands of current and potential consumers is a code that no vendor could crack… until now.

Design House has developed a proprietary system for digital circular distribution - utilizing three different ad distribution networks, the most advanced tracking technology, and the most accurate analytic and visitation data available. We place your Digital Circular in the hands of your consumers, week after week, month after month.