The leading solution for digital circular design, distribution, & reporting

We customize your Digital Circular using your brand standards, and your weekly or monthly content. We distribute your Digital Circular using our proprietary ad distribution system, and we report the results using the most accurate analytic and visitation data available.

Long story short - we’ve built the world’s most advanced Digital Circular system. Oh yeah, and we’ve proven to out-perform print ROI time and time again - that’s kind of a big deal :)


Not only do 95% of print circulars end up in trashcans before they can be viewed, but that number is increasing every year. Another number that’s increasing?... The average age of a print circular reader. This year that age is 67, and it increases every year. Your print circular audience is aging, and growing smaller. In addition, the buying power of that demographic is shrinking (we spend 50% less at the age of 70 than we do at 60).

You may know that your print circular is no longer worth the return on investment, or you may have already stopped funding it altogether; in which case, you should make a full switch to the Digital Circular right away. 

But most store owners don’t have the data they need to truly understand the effectiveness of their print circular, and switching can be stressful. So, let’s take it slow; we can start with a partial program to prove that it works. When you see the results, it’ll be easy to make the switch. Good decisions come with good data, and Digital Circular data is as good as it gets!

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Build your marketing platform on a solid foundation

It’s time to change the way you look at your circular. Digital doesn’t have the budgetary restrictions of print; your customers shouldn’t be limited to interact with your store specials, deals and coupons periodically from their mailbox. With the Digital Circular, your customers can have engaging interaction with your store anytime they want. They can download your custom Digital Circular app and carry it around everywhere they go. 

Marketing foundations should be built on relationships. Give your customers the ability to view deals, clip coupons, create lists, and share with their friends & family on their own time, then watch as their loyalty and brand connection grows!