We build a custom theme for each client to match their brand standards. In addition to your logo, we modify fonts, colors, shapes, and positioning to insure your Digital Circular integrates seamlessly with your overall brand messaging.

Not only does each brand get its own theme, each location has its own unique landing page. So, if you own 1 store or 101 stores, each and every location can have its own unique content. This enables us to change product, pricing, events, contact and so much more from one store to another quickly and effortlessly.


Tap for Maps, Tap to Call

Another advantage of location specific Digital Circulars, is that your customers can have quick and direct contact with the store in their community.

Simply tap the map icon, or tap the call icon, and customers are one step closer to your store. Want to change location? Simply tap the location and switch!


We started from the ground up to build the most intuitive and beautiful Digital Circular user interface ever created. Products expand and contract with fluid movement. Customers can build a shopping list with a single tap. Rearrange view to browse, category, or search. The experience your customers will have interacting with your Digital Circular is truly unrivaled.

Desktop Experience

Even though 80% of web traffic (outside of work) runs on mobile devices, we took great care to develop an equally impressive desktop experience. Your customers will be able to browse deals and build shopping lists on desktop, and then access their unique account on mobile - or the other way around!

In addition, we can integrate your Digital Circular directly into your existing website. With just a few small steps from your web team, we’ll connect your Digital Circular to your site 24/7/365.


Revolutionary Distribution

Design House has developed a proprietary system for digital circular distribution; utilizing three different ad distribution networks, the most advanced tracking technology, and the most accurate analytic and visitation data available. We place your Digital Circular in the hands of your consumers, week after week, month after month.


Our process starts like many digital ad campaigns - we set up a targeted area in the community you serve - but that’s where the similarities end. We’ve spent years developing a detailed formula involving three major ad distribution networks, each with their own strength. This gives us the ability to drill down and find the target audience most likely to visit your business. Resulting in a mix of your current customers, your competitor’s customers, and new customers who show potential.


Using our proprietary system, customers are then served ads while they are browsing the web, searching on Google, and using the apps on their phones. These ads drive traffic to your digital circular, where your potential customers engage with your sales, deals, and coupons. But it doesn’t stop there; our distribution system follows your Digital Circular viewers all the way to your store.

The result - An intelligent ad distribution system serving your Digital Circular to your target market, within your target area… and analytics showing actual traffic lift to your store!


Build Lists & Share

Your Digital Circular isn’t simply an interface to browse deals, it’s a tool that allows your customers to build shopping lists for your store. Your customers can add specials, deals, or coupons to their list, view their list across mobile and desktop, and share their lists with family & friends.

Customers can also share individual products or coupon offers with family & friends. Each time your customers shares a product, coupon, or list they increase your Digital Circular distribution!

Coupon Circulation

Coupons easily scan from mobile devices, and provide your customer an elevated shopping experience. We incorporate coupons into the Digital Circular in a variety of ways; We can generate a barcode based on your existing promotion SKU, or we can integrate directly with your coupon vendor to allow for back channel communication and apply coupons directly to your customer database.

Give your customers the ability to store and share coupons - create loyalty and long term brand connection.



An App of Your Own

Your Digital Circular doesn’t have to turn on and off with traditional sales cycles. Instead, imagine a constant connection with your customers 24/7/365. Your Digital Circular users will be able to tap a button and download an app customized and branded for your store. Each app download increases your weekly or monthly circulation, and creates long lasting customer loyalty.

App users will be able to receive notifications from your store, alerting them of sales or special events. 

Game Changing Analytics

Each month, you’ll receive a report that details ad impressions, ad clicks, Digital Circular views, time spent on your Digital Circular, and most importantly - visits back to your store. 

Imagine if you knew how many people read your print circular, how long they spent reading it, and how many customers it drove to your store. Imagine if you had that much data with any marketing investment. With the Digital Circular by Design House, you do!



We don’t charge for the creation or maintenance of your customized Digital Circular. We build our cost into the digital ad buy that drives traffic to your Digital Circular, and in turn to your store. So, just like print, your budget sets your distribution volume.

Our first step will be to get to know your store and provide a price range for optimal ROI. Each location is different, based on population density, target audience size, available impressions, and targeted area.

We’ll work with you to set appropriate budgets for each location - we know this game better than anyone, and we’ll walk you though it. Start today, request a quote below: